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The systems developed by Heraeus Kulzer in collaboration with renowned scientists and institutes to embed tissue in plastic material for histological studies have proven themselves in practice for decades. They are successfully used for diagnostic and research purposes in medicine, veterinary medicine, and botany. They are also successfully used in cutting technology for industrial applications and biomaterials.

Embedding Medium & Supplies

The systems fulfill important requirements such as embedding at low temperatures, thin and semi-thin section techniques and optimal division and abrasion properties. The sections can be easily stretched, and under the light microscope, the stained preparations show excellent morphology.


The scientific and economic conditions for histological studies of tissues are significantly improved with Heraeus Kulzer‘s histology technology:

  • Simple, rational handling, as all components are compatible with one another.

  • Due to the special material properties, the standard stain methods, enzyme chemistry, and immunohistochemistry used in histological laboratories can be used, including in-situ hybridization.


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