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Download The Microwave Companion for Histology (PDF)


All of our Microwaves Feature:


  • High-performance vent system with standard 4” output; connect to fume hood or vent stack
  • Microwave stirrers (no carousel necessary) for even microwave distribution, no “hot spots”
  • “User friendly” controls, icon-based functions
  • Tall chambers, for tall containers and vessels
  • Illuminated interiors with stain-resistant ceramic floors
  • One year parts & labor warranty
  • USA manufacture; FCC compliance
  • Also: help meet CAP ANP.29430, OSHA 29CFR 1910.303(b)(2), NCCLS GP28-P guidelines


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Laboratory Microwave Tissue Processor - LP2850P

SKU: LP2850P
  • Microwave Applications:


    • Microwave-assisted fixation
    • Microwave tissue processing
    • TEM infiltration/embedding
    • Dehydration
    • Infiltration
    • Staining
    • Decalcification
    • Antigen Retrieval
    • Immunohistochemistry/immunocytochemistry


    Direct, intuitive and easy-to-use interface speeds your histoprocess set-up; remembers and saves your settings for future use.


    These stored Presets are always available, helping to avoid mistakes and saving you time.


    LP2850 model features:


    • Flexible operation:  Fix, unmask, decal, stain, and more!
    • Easy-to-use menu-driven controls
    • Preset & variable time entry
    • Fully programmable; store up to (40) setups
    • “Dial in” desired power from 20% – 100%
    • ± 0.5˚C temperature control
    • Adjustable air bubble agitation system
    • Factory-installed vacuum option (add’l cost)
    • Multiple safety interlocks with shutdown and alarm
    • Stainless steel interior & exterior and ceramic floor for easy maintenance
    • High Performance Ventilaiton system
    • Xylene-free processing, formalin-free fixation
    • Proprietary reagents unnecessary
    • Process up to 5mm thick, fatty samples (w. vacuum)
    • 74-cassette capacity (w. vacuum)




    • 8′ Ventilation Hose
    • User’s Manual
    • Microwave Companion
    • Processor Tray
    • Vacuum Processor Bowl (with Vacuum option)
    • Vacuum Processor Cover (with Vacuum option)
    • 74 Position Cassette Basket Set
    • (2) Histoprocessing Bowls
    • (2) Microwave Transparent Containers
    • PolarHeat™ Sample Pack (see below for more information)
    • Preserve Solution (U.S. Only)


    LP2850 Specifications:


    • 100, 120, 230 volt models
    • FCC approved
    • CSA NRTL approved
    • 900 Watt maximum output power
    • External dimensions:
      20″ H x 21.75″ W x 25″ D (including vent housing and door handle)
    • Microwave chamber dimensions:
      9″ H x 14″ W x 16″ D
    • Approximate weight: 75 lbs.


    LP2850 Options:


    • Factory-installed vacuum option
    • Power 120, 220 or 100


    More Information on: PolarHeat™

    Finally! Safely heat paraffin in your microwave!
    Patent: US8530808


    Paraffin used to be the only step that required a different “mindset” because paraffin does not absorb microwave energy, it required precise pre-heating so the microwave could “maintain,” rather than raise, paraffin temperature. Some users unwittingly omit this important step.

    Before PolarHeat™, raising the temperature of paraffin in the microwave was not only time-consuming but risky for patient samples. Excess energy may be absorbed by patient samples, causing artifacts.

    With PolarHeat™ sheets, paraffin can, at last, be used at any convenient temperature, for example, 60 ̊C from an auto processor or existing paraffin dispenser. No more need for extra pots or ovens (with additional space, electricity, and purchase cost). 

    Users already heating paraffin in the microwave will notice radically reduced wait times; paraffin now heats about as fast as water.

    But most important: Patient samples are protected from excess microwave energy! 

    PolarHeat™ is a trademark of Energy Beam Sciences Inc.

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