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LabPulse Medical is a division of Energy Beam Sciences, Inc., a world leader in Pathology Lab technology for over 20 years. We have thousands of Instruments operating in Labs all over the world, from the Americas to Asia and everywhere in between. LabPulse leverages EBS’ engineering, technology, experience and resources to deliver Physicians the purpose-built tools, infrastructure and support needed to deliver diagnostic services where they are most effective.


Today’s Histology is practiced on a highly charged, ultra-competitive playing field, where the complacency of the past is no longer an option. Whether you are starting new or are well established, your Lab cannot afford to struggle with slow diagnostic delivery, confusing workflow, sub-standard applications or inefficiency of any sort. The competition is always sitting right around the corner, just waiting for any opportunity to take business away from you. After 20+ years of providing customers all over the world with the ultimate in affordable tissue processing efficiency, Energy Beam Sciences created our LabPulse® Medical Division to bring that same degree of affordable efficiency to the entire Histology Lab. 



Doctor using Labpulse equpment


Our comprehensive lineup of Histology Lab Instruments and products are all purpose designed, built and bundled to offer the most efficient, profitable and competitive Histology Labs in existence. The other guys want to sell you more equipment or consumables, LabPulse’s purpose for being is to do whatever it takes to make your Lab more successful. Let LabPulse become “The Heartbeat of YOUR Lab”! ​


Labpulse Lab Package Example



The Most efficient Surgical Pathology Labs on the market, based on the world’s fastest and most economical Tissue Processor. Our Tissue Processor designs have set the standard for speed, efficiency, and quality in reference, hospital and Physician office Histology Labs since 1992.  We have built upon their success, combining them with a complete line of high-quality equipment and products to deliver the most compact, efficient, reliable and economical Histology Labs on the market, in every size, and for sample volume. To complement this, we offer a full line of Histology Consumables and Accessories to make our Package complete.  LabPulse Histology Labs consistently provide real opportunities for healthcare providers to improve patient care, while increasing practice revenue.

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